Participants of the Russian-Chinese cross-border motor rally organized in commemoration of the Victory Day and liberation of Manchuria by Soviet forces, unfurled the Banner of Victory at the memorial to Soviet Liberator Soldier in the city of Tumen, Yanbian-Korean Autonomous Area of China, Deita reported.

The Memorial was installed in commemoration of the Red Army soldiers who died in battles for the liberation of the city of Tumen on August 17, 1945.

Residents of Primorye participating in the Motor Rally laid flowers at the memorial together with the head of Tumen city administration and unfurled the Banner of Victory.

Primorsky region delegation was headed by Vladimir Shchur, Deputy Director of the Primorsky Region Department of Tourism, who noted that such activity is very important, as it keeps events of the World War II in the memory of generations and promotes strengthening of friendship between Russian and Chinese peoples.

Participants of the cross-border Friendship Motor Rally visited memorials in the cities of Hunchun and Tumen, where took part in official ceremonies of laying flowers. The Chinese delegation paid return visit to Primorsky Region, and laid flowers at the memorials to Soviet Liberator Soldier in Kraskino, Vladivostok and Arsenyev. Cross-border motor rally was organized by Primorsky Region Department of Tourism and governments of Jilin Province and Yanbian-Korean Autonomous Area.

Banner of Victory – is the assault banner of the 150th Rifle Order of Kutuzov 2nd class, Idritsa Division, raised by Red Army Soldiers Alexei Berest, Mikhail Yegorov and Meliton Kantaria on the Reichstag building in Berlin on April 30, 1945. It is official symbol of the Victory of the Soviet people against Nazi Germany during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.

Photo: Deita