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Aviation tourism may become the headliner of the Pacific Tourism Forum-2019


V Pacific Tourism Forum will take place in Vladivostok and aviation tourism may be announced as the main topic, DEITA.RU reports.

The Head of The Tourism Department of Primorsky Krai Konstantin Shestakov and an Assistant Head of Transport Communication Development at Changi Airports International Wang Lijan discussed the possibilities for organizing the plenary session.

According to Konstantin Shestakov, cruise tourism was the main topic of the previous PTF. However, according to the International Council of Airports, Chinese traveling by plane would have been the main driving force of the air travel market by 2040. So Primorye and Changi Airports International airlines need to take effective actions to raise the attractiveness of Russia's Far East amongst the Chinese tourists.

The Head of the Tourism Department of Primorsky Krai said that representatives from each Far Eastern region will take part in the forum and that will provide an opportunity to consider the development of accessibility of Far East of Russia for the tourists.

Wang Lijan noted that Changi Airports International is ready to participate in the organization of TTF-2019. Vladivostok International Airport is ready to join the organization of the Pacific Tourism Forum.

The partners also discussed issues related to conducting a fam-tour for representatives of foreign airlines in the Primorsky Krai in December 2018, as well as holding such an event as a part of the V Pacific Tourism Forum.

The transport accessibility is one of three necessary conditions for the productive development of tourism and Primorye has great potential. Primorsky Krai does a lot to attract tourists, for instance, there is a simplified visa regime for citizens of eighteen states on its territory. Cruise tourism is also actively developing. These factors contribute to an increasing tourist attractiveness of the region and the growth of number of the tourists. Thus, more than 3 million tourists from Russia and abroad entered Primorsky Krai in 2016 and more than 4 million people – in 2017.

The Republic of Korea can serve as an excellent example of the impact of air traveling on increasing tourist arrivals. The number of flights from Vladivostok to South Korea has increased to 70 per week in the last 3 years.

Alina Kalinina

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