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Vladivostok International Airport has become a "millionaire"

аэропорт Владивосток

Vladivostok International Airport (VVO) has served more than 2,2 million people since the beginning of 2018, DEITA.RU reports.

The passenger traffic of Vladivostok airport has increased by 21 percent compared with 2017. And the guests of international flights caused the greatest increase.

At the same time more than 1,2 million people were served on domestic flights. And flights from Vladivostok to Moscow, Novosibirsk, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk provided a passenger traffic increase. Also Vladivostok was welcomed by more than one million people from international destinations.

The fact that only in October 2018 the passenger traffic of international flights increased by a whopping 44 percent says a lot about the escalating interest towards the capital of Primorye. The number grew mainly due to flights from Vladivostok to South Korea. Thus, the passenger traffic on this route increased by 60 percent over the last year. The passenger traffic to Southeast Asia also increased by 68 percent, to China - by 15 percent, and to Japan - by 5 percent.

The head of the Tourism Department of Primorsky Krai Konstantin Shestakov has already noted that the attention of travelers from Asian countries is no longer focused only on Moscow and St. Petersburg, and many tourists are now very interested in visiting Vladivostok. These interest and competitiveness of the tourist market in Primorye manifest largely due to the current Primorsky Krai Tourism Development Program.

“The situation with the foreign guests continues to develop. According to some indicators, for instance, the bulk of tourists from China, we are in a top-3 cities of Russia. It has become fashionable for the residents of South Korea and China to travel to Vladivostok in recent years. To attract additional attention we are planning to cooperate with major South Korean travel agencies, bloggers and advertising agencies to promote the tourist attractiveness of our region, ” - Shestakov said.

In addition, the opportunity to visit the region by e-visa existing in Primorye is also attractive to tourists. 32,9 thousand foreigners from 14 countries have entered the territory of Free Port of Vladivostok during nine months of 2018. There were also tourists from Singapore, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, India, Turkey, Morocco, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Iran and Algeria.

The number of destinations from Vladivostok is growing with the increase of passenger traffic and the development of tourism in Primorye. For instance, Sapporo (Japan) will appear in the list of directions from Vladivostok. And Uzbekistan Airways will operate another international flight - Vladivostok-Tashkent.

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