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The foreign tourists will be better understood in Primorye

In Primorye the workers of the tourist industry are studying English for free. A waiting list was formed for a month ahead.

“The Hospitable Primorye” master-classes were organized by the Tourist Information Center and the “CB-school” company (“CBS Education Systems”).

According to the director of the Center Daria Gusyeva, the idea to conduct the master-classes was a follow-up of the development of the joint information project of TIC and “CB-School” company.

“At the beginning of summer we agreed to create a pocket Multilanguage handbook for the people arriving at Primorye. It will help to simplify the communication between the citizens and guests of the region. The demand for such information materials increased with the increase of the interest to Vladivostok after adoption of the Free Port Decree and conduction of the East Russia Economic Forum. When we have completed this handbook the next step was to eliminate the linguistic barrier of the tourist companies’ employees,” – Daria Gusyeva informed.

The participants of the master-classes mark that the number of foreign tourists in Primorye increased a lot. And now they have to speak English more often.

“Confidence in one’s knowledge and practice of speaking English with a professional linguist not only simplifies the work with the foreign guests but imposes certain responsibility,” – the tourist industry workers of Primorye note.

As the head of “CB-School” company Yuliya Lysenko marks, the most effective master-class can be conducted for a group of 8-12 participants.

“Therefore in November we have conducted two master-classes in a row to comprise everyone who wanted. Currently we have a list of companies, desiring to teach their employees for a month ahead,” – she said.

All questions concerning the registration for the master-classes on English speaking practice for the tourist industry employees may be addressed to the Primorskiy territory Tourist Information Center or one may send an application composed in any format to the e-mail address with the letter topic “Free master-classes “The Hospitable Primorye”. 

photo: The Touristic center of Primorsky region 


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